This is a sample of some of the websites I have set up. I am currently charging $150 to do a basic landing page and a few posts with art samples for artists locally and $50 per page for additional work. This is being done on the user-friendly platform BlogSpot.

Art Drives
On April 21, 2018, I created a landing page on BlogSpot for a local project that is launching. They needed a landing page post haste before taking the next step in their promotions process later that same week. They provided the header graphic and I spent around two to three hours at their place. I made sure a functional landing page was up and running before I left, then I made some minor improvements the following morning on my own computer per our agreement.

They actually do own a Top Level Domain name, It has been set up as a redirect. They really wanted it to be called Art Drives, but that .com name was unavailable.

A couple of the artists involved in this project hired me to do their websites:
In the spring of 2018, I did some pro bono work for a local non-profit, Our Aberdeen. I cleaned up four existing Word Press sites, improving the landing pages, SEO and site navigation. This work involved an initial three hour meeting and I later spent a half day doing the actual clean up.

Starting June 4, 2018, I officially became their webmaster. (It's a part-time position, so I still have time for other client work.) I have been able to combine these three sites, part of what I originally cleaned up, into one new one: Those three were combined into Aberdeen Art. The three old Word Press sites will be going away, probably by January 2019.

Here are a few sites that belong to me:

I have run my own websites for more than 15 years. I've also done paid writing for website content for over 6 years. This has taught me a lot about what information needs to be on a good site. I have recently begun helping others with their website needs. If you are looking for someone to set up a functional site using a plug-and-play system (BlogSpot) or if you need help cleaning up an existing site, I can do that.

I have experience running my own sites on both Word Press and BlogSpot. At one time, I ran my own sites with handwritten HTML, CSS and server side includes files. My knowledge of HTML and CSS still comes in handy for doing website work.