I have run my own websites for more than 15 years and have recently begun helping others with their website needs. If you are looking for help with setting up a functional site using a plug-and-play system like Word Press or BlogSpot, or cleaning up an existing site, I can help with that.

I'm not a programmer or designer. If I had to have a title, I would go with content manager. My target market is people who need a basic website to serve as a landing page or business card or who need help coming up with a satisfactory design and layout for their blog and are tired of trying to figure out Word Press or BlogSpot all on their own.

Here is a sampling of my work:

Art Drives
On April 21, 2018, I created a landing page on BlogSpot for a local project that is launching. They needed a landing page post haste before taking the next step in their promotions process later that same week. They provided the header graphic and I spent around two to three hours at their place. I made sure a functional landing page was up and running before I left, then I made some minor improvements the following morning on my own computer per our agreement.

I cleaned up the following four existing Word Press sites, improving the landing pages, SEO and site navigation. This work involved an initial three hour meeting and I later spent a half day doing the actual clean up.

Here are a few sites that belong to me: