I'm the webmaster for Our Aberdeen, so I took over their existing sites, such as the Healing Gallery and moved both from Word Press to BlogSpot.

Aberdeen Art And Music is a compendium I created of three older art sites. A write up about that is here.

A few websites created for clients:

A few websites that belong to me:

I have run my own websites for more than 15 years. I've also done paid website content writing for over 7 years.

Prices and Services
I charge $150 to do a basic website in BlogSpot with a landing page, bio and a few posts with art samples for locals artists. (Sample Site)
I can do a one page landing page for $75.
I charge $50 per page for additional work.
If you want a custom domain name for the site, I can add the custom domain name to your site for $50 if I have all the login information from both your BlogSpot site and your domain name host.

So you need to buy the domain name yourself under your own domain name host. (I can help with that if we are meeting in person.) I recommend you do so via NameCheap. They have reasonable prices and a nice admin panel.

Online, I take PayPal. I can also accept Venmo (@Doreen-Traylor). In person, I take cash or check.