Prominence of Information

Most of my money is made on the internet. I do some website work for clients in the small town where I live, but most of it is from resume editing, freelance writing and blogging.

Trying to monetize creative work online, like blogging, is challenging. One of the biggest stumbling blocks I keep running into is trying to make it easy for people to give me money. It's surprisingly hard to make sure people can readily find that information.

I recently had someone email me and tell me they couldn't find that information ANYWHERE. They had looked!

I verified my payment info for them and asked which of my many websites they had been on while looking for that information and they said it was my personal blog. It was prominently displayed on my personal blog -- at least if you were on a PC.

But that information was hidden behind a drop-down menu on mobile, so I asked if they were on mobile and they were. They simply hadn't noticed the "hamburger" drop-down menu, even though this is someone I have reason to believe is fairly tech savvy.

More than half of all searches these days are performed on a smartphone. So if your mobile website has a problem, you have a big problem because this is probably the primary way your visitors will view your site.

So I spent this morning trying to figure out how to tweak my personal blog so I don't have people telling me they can't find this information when I feel like it's prominently displayed. If they don't feel like it's prominently displayed, it is absolutely not good enough.

This is how it looked on a PC:

But this is how it looked on mobile:

You had to click into that "hamburger" menu icon to get to the sidebar where the payment info was:

I tried a few different things, including putting the payment info in its own section between the header and the page menu, which was really ugly and bad UI design:

I then decided to replace the descriptor -- The personal blog of Doreen Traylor -- with the payment information. This seemed to be the best solution for that issue, but it also prompted me to look at some other things going on with the main landing page

I ultimately did more tweaks, including moving some lower traffic pages from the Page menu to their own section in the sidebar and putting a photo of me in the sidebar in place of where the payment info used to be. This made a big difference in moving important information to prominent positions and deprecating or eliminating other information that is just noise for most people, most of the time.

Final Layout (Mainpage)

Final Layout (Sidebar)

Final Layout, Desktop Version