Aberdeen Art And Music

In May 2018, I consolidated the content from three related art websites into a single site. Urban Art On The Map, Critters On The Map and Murals On The Map became Aberdeen Art, currently called Aberdeen Art and Music

The old content was copied, pasted, edited as needed and reorganized. A plain black background was chosen to put the spotlight on the art, not the website design.

Aberdeen Art And Music, Home Page

Urban Art On The Map, Home Page

Sculpture page (all the content from Urban Art On The Map)

As You Were, Urban Art On The Map
As You Were, Aberdeen Art And Music

The old sites were practically unusable on mobile. Below are three cropped screenshots of the same entry to give you an idea of how much better the mobile experience is on the new site. I also have a separate page with a number of uncropped mobile screenshots from all the sites.

Old Site

New Site

Critters On The Map, Home Page

Critters section on Aberdeen Art and Music

Critters On The Map, Critter

Same critter on Aberdeen Art And Music

Murals on the Map, Home Page.

Murals section on Aberdeen Art And Music

Weyerhaueser Mill

Weyerhaueser Mill

Aberdeen, Washington 1889

Aberdeen, Washington 1889