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Word Smith and Webmaster

In recent years, I have blogged and done freelance writing, but my interest in writing goes back to high school. I had a class in Journalism and some of my poetry was published in a high school publication. I always wanted to be a writer and now I am. Most of the paid writing I do is content development for the online presence of businesses and other organizations. I also do resume work.
Webmaster & Content Manager Running my own websites for many years has given me broad experience as a webmaster and content manager. I have knowledge of HTML, CSS, some design principles and a couple of publishing platforms. My job at Aflac routinely exposed me to the award winning work of their in-house publisher Communicorp. I can set up a site on a publishing platform and even serve as the admin, but I am not a programmer, designer nor web developer. I am really a content manager. To my mind, a website is a publishing platform and the content -- the information being shared -- is the mo…