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I have written over 1300 pieces for pay. The vast majority of what I do is confidential and cannot be shared. Nevertheless, people inevitably ask for samples of my work. So I have done my best to put together a few samples here.

Resume Work

Resume Sample 1
This resume was just over two pages. It was cut down to two pages without cutting any substance. Formatting and wording tweaks improved consistency and readability. Edited to convey standards of excellence regarding their work, minus framing that had implied arrogance or insecurity.

Constructive Feedback
When I send your edited resume back to you, I include some remarks summarizing what I did, why I did it and how you can use that information to improve your resume in the future. For example:

I did very little editing of wording. Your wording seems overall solid. I mostly edited formatting, including overly long sentences.

I removed the italics you were using. Italics are hard to read and should be used sparingly. I used italics in place of quotation marks in a couple of places.

I removed a lot of extraneous formatting that added nothing and was just a distraction.

A "list" that is only one item long should not have a bullet point next to it. I removed those.

I used text sizing to make it more scannable and to distinguish sections, including the text that was previously italicized.

I broke up one overly long paragraph into bullet points for readability.

Overall, it's a really solid resume. Your formatting was consistent. I didn't notice typos. You just need to up your game on scannability and digestibility. Shorter sentences and that sort of thing.

Other Work

I am the author of Getting a bank account can be tricky when you’re homeless, so here’s how I did it. I was asked to write it on commission because they were impressed with the writing on one of my blogs.

I gave some free feedback to They Tweeted their appreciation.

I created the Google Group for Blind Dev Works to facilitate collaboration for the project. I am an admin for the Google Group and I have done small things like let the project lead know about typos on the related website, in addition to posting info and resources to the discussion group.

Tips on how to get your site ranked number one for your name. Last I saw, he took the advice (and also thanked me on HN).

Here is a post with another example of me giving someone feedback on their website copy: Thoughter website copy. It includes "before" and "after" copies of the writing in question.


Resume for an Adminstrative Assistant
I already feel 100% more confident about sending this out to potential employers.

Really, this is such a big boost to my brain. Thank you.

-- R.P.

Resume for an IT Professional
I was able to take some of your suggestions and incorporate them into my official resume.

I have received a job offer from Google as a full-time employee. The offer is in the low six figures. Thank you for your feedback.

Final offer including bonus and restricted stock options is around ~120k-130k USD per year.