I Polish Resumes And Make Websites

Resume Work
I have a Certificate in GIS and I spend a lot of time on Hacker News, so a lot of the resume work I do is for folks with technical careers. However, I also worked at Aflac for a few years, so I have corporate experience and know something about things like HIPAA.

Website Work
I do a bit of website work for a local non-profit. I've also run my own websites for years, so I have some experience with HTML, CSS, design principles and content development. My job at Aflac exposed me to the award winning work of their in-house publisher Communicorp.

I have some experience with Word Press and I used to hand-code my sites in HTML and CSS. I currently mostly work with BlogSpot, where knowledge of HTML and CSS comes in very handy.

Me. Woodward Park, Fresno, CA. January 2016.