Preserving and Enhancing The Old, Making Room for the New

The website Aberdeen Art and Music began as an effort to consolidate three older websites (covered previously). The older websites were static sites that each corresponded to a printed brochure.

The brochures and corresponding original websites are logically categorized by type of art: Murals, Critters and Urban Art (mostly sculpture). But much of this art can be found in close proximity in the downtown area.

The intent was to support a walking tour via smartphone and begin phasing out the printed brochures while still supporting the existing brochures that are still out there. So each existing website was given its own navigation page on the new site.

When the old sites are phased out, the URL will point directly to each of those pages so the brochures still make sense and the URLs don't break, while fitting into an enhanced walking tour by phone that covers a variety of art. The old URLs will be kept active for a few years after the old websites are gone to serve the existing brochures, though there currently are no plans to print additional brochures.

However, this website is being repurposed to serve a newly created local creative district. So we are working to enhance and preserve the walking tour function of the site while making room for additional functions.

The individual Murals, Critters and Sculpture pages were enhanced with photos of the art to better serve as attractive landing pages for the old URLs. They were also consolidated under a single page titled Walking Tour in order to free up valuable space on the site while keeping the tour intact.

Original Murals Page

New Murals Page

Original Critters Page

New Critters Page

Original Sculpture Page

New Sculpture Page

Previous Landing Page

New Landing Page

The important detail is that the pages listed in the navigation area have shrunk from three to one. This preserves the Walking Tour, consolidating it all together in one place, while freeing up space to start adding new functions to the site.



The New Walking Tour Page