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Thoughter website copy

A little over a month back, I had an exchange with someone on Hacker News about their project. I fairly often write website copy (as a ghost writer) for pay. I gave them a few suggestions on the website copy for their project.

The project is called Thoughter and this is a copy of the original opening paragraph from the site that I was critiquing:

What Is This?
The first project out of Aytwit's software research labs. Sometimes you want to ask someone a question or tell them a secret and you suspect or hope they're thinking the same thing, but it's uncomfortable to bring up. This is why Thoughter was created. For example let's say it's the holidays and a father and son had a fight a few years ago and haven't spoken since. The father pushes a thought to his son like "I miss you #reunite" that lasts one week. If the son pushes a thought to his father within that time containing the same hashtag then they will both receive an email containing the oth…

Polishing Resumes and Creating Plug-and-Play Websites

Resume Work
I have a Certificate in GIS and I spend a lot of time on Hacker News, so a lot of the resume work I do is for folks with technical careers. However, I also worked at Aflac for a few years, so I have corporate experience and know something about things like HIPAA.

Website Work
I do a bit of website work for a local non-profit, among other things.

I've run my own websites for years, so I have some experience with HTML, CSS, design principles and content development. My job at Aflac exposed me to the award winning work of their in-house publisher Communicorp.

I have some experience with Word Press, but I currently mostly work with BlogSpot.